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43244 Twin Screen DVD Player



  •     High resolution 7" Slimline LCD TFT Display
  •     Playback formats - DVD, DivX, VCD, MPEG4, CD, CD-RW, MP3, JPEG
  •     USB interface and SD/MMC Card Reader
  •     Contrast Ratio 300:1
  •     Select from wide screen of full screen view
  •     Front Loading DVD Mechanism
  •     Built-in Stereo Speakers or listen with the two sets of earphones included
  •     Earphone Jacks
  •     Locking mechanism

  •     Remote control
  •     Car adaptor
  •     Mains Adaptor for DVD unit
  •     Din type AV connection cable
  •     Headrest brackets
  •     All in one carry bag
  •     Two sets of earphones



     My screens have not come on, but the power is turned on. What is the problem?

When you switch the DVD to the "ON" position both LED's on each screen will illuminate red. To power the screens, press the power button on the main screen. Now both LED's will go off. The second screen has a standby button so you can turn this screen off whilst watching on the other screen the LED will now show red again.

    The volume button is only working with one screen, is this a fault?

To change the volume on both screens you will need to use the remote control, the screen which has the volume dial on will only change the volume on that screen.  You can change the volume with both screens via the remote control.

    When I put a DVD into the machine, I receive the message "No Disk", what does this mean?

When you place a DVD into the player, you must ensure that you push down on the DVD so that it clicks into place. You will know that the DVD is inserted properly when you hear a clicking noise.

    When I insert a USB/SD device it shows all the files that are on the device instead of showing me the folders, how do I change this?

To view the folders on the USB/SD device, connect the device to the DVD player then press the DVD/USB/SD key on the remote, scroll to the USB slot and press the ENTER key on the remote. When the DVD player starts to index the files press the STOP key and the list of files will be displayed then press the PROG key and this should now display the folders that are on the USB/SD device that you can navigate through using the arrow keys and the enter key.

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