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42263 8GB Media Player



  •     8GB Intel Flash Memory
  •     Full Speed USB 2.0
  •     1.8" TFT Colour Display
  •     Support MP3 / WMA Music, AMV Video, JPEG / BMP Photos
  •     FM Radio and Recording
  •     Digital Voice Recorder
  •     eBook reader
  •     7 x EQ Modes
  •     Integrated Rear Speaker
  •     Built in Rechargeable Lithium Battery

  •     2 Sets Earphones
  •     Silicone Protective Pouch
  •     Elastic Armband
  •     USB Mains Adaptor
  •     USB Mains Cable
  •     CD Driver
  •     User Manual



      How do I charge the media player?

Plug the included USB cable to the Media player and the AC adaptor, ensure the switch is set to ON position on the media player and plug the adaptor in to a charge point.  Once plugged in you will see the screen light up and connected screen displayed.  The battery indicator will move to show the media player is charging.

         How do I transfer my music files to the media player?

Connect the media player to your computer via the included USB cable, the PC will recognise this as a removable drive, locate the music you wish you transfer over to the media player, select and copy into to the removable drive folder.  Once copied you can remove the USB cable and your music will now be on your media player.

         How do I delete music from my media player?

Connect the media player to your computer via the included USB cable, the PC will recognise this as a removable drive, open up the removable drive folder, here you will see all your music currently on the media player, simply highlight the music files you wish to delete and press delete on your keyboard.  Once finished unplug from computer.

          How do I play my music?

Switch on the media player by sliding the switch to ON position, highlight the music option and press the menu button.  To play the music press the middle centre button.  To skip to next track press the forward button.

         Why does the media player only play a few seconds of a music track?

Whilst playing a music track, press the menu button, scroll to repeat and press menu, this will be highlighted on intro mode, scroll to normal mode by pressing the right or left arrow and press menu button to confirm.

         How do I play my movies on the media player?

The media player is only compatible with AMV format videos, if your video files are in other formats then you will need to convert the video first using the convertor software included. Once converted use the same method to transfer the video as you did for the music.

         Why do I get Format Error when I try to play music?

When you sync your music using windows media player, you have to ensure the copy protect music is not enabled.  To do this simply open up windows media player and go to Tools, Options then select the Copy Music Tab and deselect the copy music protect.  Now resync your music using windows media player

         How can I select my albums?

Enter the music mode, ensure no music is playing, now press the menu button. Scroll to Local Folder and press Menu to enter.  Here you will see the current track you are listening to, above this will be a folder with a back slash. Scroll to the back slash and press the menu key then right arrow key immediately after, please be patient as this will now load your albums, might take some time depending on the number of albums you may have loaded.  Once you see your Albums select the album you wish to listen to and press Menu button to confirm.

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