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42623 4GB MP3 Player



  •     4GB Intel Flash Memory
  •     High Speed USB 2.0
  •     Supports MP3 / WMA Music
  •     3.5mm Earphone Jack
  •     Mini USB input
  •     Alloy Metal Housing
  •     Built in Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  •     Clip Design

  •     2 Sets Earphones
  •     USB Mains Cable



     How do I charge the MP3 player?

Connect the USB cable to your MP3 player and to your computer. The power switch on the MP3 player should be in the OFF position.

    When is the MP3 player fully charged?

When charging your MP3 player a small red LED light will illuminate on top of the player and a small green LED will illuminate on the bottom on the player. When the player is fully charged, the green light will change to red. Your player is now fully charged.

    How do I switch the power on?

Slide the main ON/OFF switch to the ON position, then press and hold the round centre button for 5-6 seconds. Repeat the same to switch the player OFF again.

    How do I play my music?

Providing your music is in the correct format (MP3 or WMA), when you switch the player ON, the music will begin to play automatically. However, on occasion, it is necessary to press the round centre button in order to begin music playback. During music playback the LED light next to the earphone jack will flicker green. If pause if pressed the green LED will remain lit.

    I cannot hear anything from my player?

Please ensure the volume is not muted. Simply press + button continuously to increase the volume.

    How do I transfer my music files to the MP3 player?

Connect the MP3 player to your computer via the included USB cable. The PC will recognise this as a removable drive. Locate the music you wish you transfer to your MP3 player, then simply copy and paste or drag and drop into to the removable drive folder.  Once copied you can remove the USB cable and your music will now be on your MP3 player.

    How do I delete music from my MP3 player?

Connect the MP3 player to your computer via the included USB cable. The PC will recognise this as a removable drive. Open up the removable drive folder, here you will see all of your music currently on the MP3 player. Simply highlight the music files you wish to delete and press delete on your keyboard.  Once finished disconnect from your computer.

    Why does my music not play?

Ensure the music you have copied to your MP3 player is in the correct format (MP3 or WMA). Right click the music track, then left click properties. The file type will be displayed. If syncing with windows media player, ensure the 'copy protect' is unchecked.

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