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51486 Car CD MP3 Radio With Bluetooth



  •     iPhone Connection Through Aux In Or Wireless
  •     AM/FM Stereo With 30 Presets and FM RDS
  •     Flip-Down Detachable Fascia
  •     CD, CD-R/CD-RW and MP3 Playback
  •     USB Flash Disk and SD Card Support
  •     Front Aux Input
  •     MP3 ID3 Tag Display
  •     Built-in ISO Socket
  •     High Power 4 x 40 Watts Max

  •     Gold Tipped Aux Cable
  •     Fascia Carry Case



    Why do I lose my preset stations when I turn the ignition off?

The car stereo requires a permanent live feed going into the unit to ensure that it holds it's memory while your vehicle is switched off. The memory wire is the yellow one as shown in the manual, this requires a permanent live feed from your vehicle's battery. To locate the permanent live feed you should refer to your vehicle's handbook. If you are not 100% confident with reconfiguring the wiring within your vehicle, we recommend that you consult a professional fitter.

    My CD only goes half way in and then comes back out, why is this?

There are two big red labels on top of the unit before you install your system, you must remove the screws connected to these labels.

    After I have installed the stereo there seems to be no power, why is this?

Check all the wiring to make sure nothing is loose and that everything is correctly wired in, also check to see if you fuse has blown(the fuses should be 10A).

    How do I pair my phone with the stereo?

Switch on the Radio, then search for a new device on your phone. When your phone prompts for a password to be entered key in 0000 and confirm. You will now be connected to the radios Bluetooth.

    My phone won't pair with the stereo, why is this?

Make sure that your phone's Bluetooth is switched on and make sure you have keyed in the correct password 0000.

    My iPod/mp3 player isn't connecting about 10 seconds after I've plugged it into the USB port?

Depending on the size of the player's capacity, it can take about 40 seconds for the media device to fully connect to the stereo as it needs to scan through the player.

    I have connected the stereo to additional speakers/subwoofer and the stereo isn't playing, why is this?

The stereo will need to be connected to an amplifier before connected to any additional speakers or subwoofer, otherwise the stereo will not be able to distribute the sound across the speakers properly.

    Is it possible to connect the stereo to my steering wheel controls?

No, the stereo doesn't have the facility for this.

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