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50539 7" Portable DVD Player



  •     High Resolution 7" LCD Display
  •     180 Degree Swivel Screen - Folds Completely Flat
  •     Plays DVD / DVD-R/RW / DVD+R/RW / JPEG
  •     Piano Gloss Finish
  •     Built in Stereo Speakers
  •     Built in Rechargeable Battery
  •     Earphone Jack
  •     AV Output

  •     Remote Control
  •     Car Charger
  •     Mains Adaptor



    How do I open the unit after I have removed it from the packaging?

With the Unit placed on your knee or a table top position the unit so that the silver strip that runs around the hinge is at the rear of the unit facing away from you, grip the unit at the front and open up as if you were opening a Laptop.

    I keep getting the error message saying 'Wrong Region' on my display when I try to play a DVD disc, what does this mean?

DVD's are designed to be region specific, which means they are only designed to be played in a particular region . In the UK, DVD's are set to Region 2. You will find the region information on the back of your DVD case. Tevion DVD players are locked to Region 2 (UK & Europe).

    Why wont the videos on my MP4 player play on my DVD player?

The most likely cause of this is that the format of the video is not supported by the DVD player. It will only play videos in MPEG format. There are a number of free sites on the internet that offer tutorials and even free converting tools to rectify this problem.

    When I insert a DVD into the player, I keep getting a "No Disc" message appearing on the screen, why is this?

It could just be that the laser eye has become dirty you could try cleaning the laser eye with a cotton swob with a little white spirit on it. Also you could try moving the laser eye as far away from the centre as possible and insert your disc then.

    When I insert a USB/SD device it shows all the files that are on the device instead of showing me the folders, how do I change this?

To view the folders on the USB/SD device, connect the device to the DVD player then press the DVD/USB/SD key on the remote, scroll to the USB slot and press the ENTER key on the remote. When the DVD player starts to index the files press the STOP key and the list of files will be displayed then press the PROG key and this should now display the folders that are on the USB/SD device that you can navigate through using the arrow keys and the enter key.

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